Welcome to Spellbinding Stories

by Nickhola-Susanne

Telling the Arthurian legend of ‘What Women Want’ for The Wildlife Trust.

‘Telling The Very Hopeful Caterpillar from The Wonder Tails’

Who wants a Story? There's Magic in those words.

For people gather where stories are told. Round campfires, at kitchen tables, by firesides, down the pub. Start listening to one and within minutes it’s taken you to a different place. Suddenly, you’re seeing that story’s pictures in your head, hearing its voices in your ear. You’re in there.

Stories possess an ancient alchemy which calms mind chatter, entertains, comforts, warns and teaches. Whether handed down through the centuries or heard only yesterday, they’re powerful living things. Stories can be read in books, watched in movies, played out by gamers. But nothing – nothing – beats listening to one being told live especially for you.

Some of my tales are original, others tell the ancient stories from new perspectives. Often from the viewpoint of a character who’s been cast as the villain(ess) for centuries, but silently longs for their own voice to be heard and their truth to be told.

Outsiders, outcasts, dissidents, renegades, the marvelous and the magical: they’re all here. Sharing the secrets they’ve been carrying so long. So if you love Dragons, Selkies, Minotaurs, Gods and Monsters, or like ancient histories and civilisations, come! Sit…listen.

Perhaps – a new story: the SealWife’s son? His parents couldn’t be together for long. Yet they discovered that love between Mortals and Supernaturals can last till all the seas of the world become deserts and the last of the stars goes out.

To hear it, click on video below

On stage at The Box Concerts. (Image: Tim Harbridge)

Or how about the wild tale of the Viking monster Grendel (the ultimate outsider who aches for acceptance) and his nemesis, the warrior Beowulf? This is the first time it’s ever been told from both the monster’s point of view – and that of his mysterious mother, whom up until now, people knew nothing about.

Grendel’s end is heartwrenching – and hardcore. To hear it:

'Wonderful Nickhola-Susanne created a magical immersive space using leafy tree branches, candles, scents and her own artwork to tell a sacred story which held her audience spellbound’

The Goddess Garden, Saltdean, Brighton

‘Nickhola-Susanne and her top classical musicians had everyone mesmerised. We cannot wait to have her back!’

Fabio Perselli, General & Heritage Manager, Southwick Hall

'You do magic, Nickhola-Susanne'

Paul Bevan, Headmaster of Our Lady of Lourdes School, Rottingdean, Brighton

'Her audience was enthralled......'

National Trust - Batemans

'Thank you for being so wonderful at our school! You are amazing.'

Annie Noble, Head Teacher at Firle School

'I've been a primary school head for 30 years and had a lot of authors come and read to my classes. But Nickhola-Susanne's the best we've ever seen.'

Head Teacher at St Aubyn's Prep School, Rottingdean

At Southwick. Image: Paul Brown