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Tilly & the Seawolf

SeaWolves are rare and powerful creatures. All the seas of the world are their home, the stars are their playground and they almost never visit Humans. Yet when they do, the outrageous and extraordinary happen. This is the story of when 11 yr old Tilly (a tubby, frizzy wannabe guitarist with big glasses and bigger dreams) met one.

He took her for a wild night ride across the galaxy and when she came back,  the stardust of the cosmos was so deep in her bones that she shone from within. She was on fire. And everybody saw it. Soon all the boys wanted to play like her, all the girls wanted to be her.

Tilly grew up to be lead guitar in one of the most famous bands in the world – then vanished at the height of her fame. Her fans and record company went bonkers. Was it an alien abduction, a nervous breakdown, a car crash? Then they found out just where she’d gone…