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The Otter Who Sang


The moon

Sprout the Otter is pants at catching fish. He seems to have four left paws, can’t concentrate and if you tell him to Dive right!!’ he goes left. It’s not just that all the other animals laugh at him (which they do ). But he’s going to starve to death at this rate.

The young Otter’s self-confidence is at rock bottom when his grandfather points out that he’s actually got some very unusual skills which the others lack. He’s a brilliant water-dancer, he can sing – and he’s the only animal who can hear the Moon when she speaks.

Then one midsummer night when the Moon is at her fullest and brightest, she tells Sprout to do something extraordinary. He obeys – and finds it transforms his life forever.

A standing joke no longer, the clumsy Otter becomes a celebrity whom other Riverbankers come from miles around to see. What’s more, he’s now found the way to catch all the fish he wants so will never, ever, be hungry or worried again.