FOR 7 - 10 YR OLDS

Finn, a friendly but clueless black and white lapcat gets lost when his Family moves house. Cold, hungry and lonely, he’s surviving (just) by living on the streets when he meets the Wildlingers, a secret society of feral felines hiding out in a disused cinema at the dodgy end of town …

In the Beginning

2 min extract

It’s very late on a dark, rainy November night. The town’s Cats are either curled up peacefully in baskets or taking up too much room on their Humans’ beds. Deep in their gently snoring, tuna-scoffing dreams some strange sounds begin to reach them from the streets. They twitch, yawn then snuggle down even more comfortably. Let them sleep while they still can! They have no idea what’s coming….

Crazy Cats & Bonkers Rats

7 min extract

Two armies, the feral Cats and wildling Rats, are facing each other across the street .They’re outside the derelict cinema that hides the City of Cats, secret home to a thousand stray felines. The place is burning down, flames leaping 30 metres into the evening air. Someone’s got to save to CityZens trapped inside, and failure isn’t an option. But its so hot no animal can get near the place. Suddenly Finn, the gentle black and white Lapcat steps up –


7 min extract

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Finn makes a break for it when his owner tries to put him in a cat basket as they move house. He’s lost for three days. By the time he finds his way home, his family’s long gone.

So the gentle and seriously un-streetwise black and white Cat has to hit the streets and learn how fend for himself. Fast.


Meet the Posse

8 min extract

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Finn’s met a gang of friendly Streetcats. But they’re insisting he undergoes a totally gross initiation if he wants to be one of them.

It’s – well, you’ll see.

Can he really bring himself to do that?

The Secret of The City

8 min extract

Click on the image to listen to the story: 8 minute extract

Finn’s just earned the right to live in the incredible City of Cats 

Once the cinema was packed with popcorn-eating movie-goers. Now it’s roof’s collapsing, its walls crumbling, and its luxury velvet seat seats clawed to shreds. The grand old Astoria, once the only place to go on a Friday night, has become a wild adventure playground where Cats can do whatever they want, whenever they like.

Finn looked around in excitement, his eyes getting bigger and bigger. He simply could not believe what he was seeing…….