What people say about me

‘This Saturday we were privileged to witness and experience an utterly magical telling of the story of Inanna by the wonderful Nickhola-Susanne. She creates immersive and magical spaces in which to tell her tales: in this case with beautiful bronzed beech fronds, burning candles, essence scents and her own artwork. The audience was spellbound for around 45 minutes as we were taken back to a mythical world and told a story which has much to teach us today - shared with passion, love and humour.’

Barbara Collins, founder-curator of The Goddess Garden

‘Nickhola-Susanne and her top classical musicians had the audience absolutely spellbound. We cannot wait to have her back.’

Fabio Perselli, Heritage & Events Manager, Southwick Hall

"You do magic, Nickhola-Susanne"

Paul Bevan, Headmaster of Our Lady of Lords School

‘Enchanting Storytellings’

The Wildlife Trust, Sussex

‘The audience on the cushions were engrossed…’

National Trust, Bateman’s manager

‘I’ve been a primary school teacher for 30 years and had a lot of authors come read to my classes. But Nickhola-Susanne’s the best I’ve ever seen. The way she engaged every single child, even the 4 and 5yr olds, was astonishing.’

Headmistress of St Aubyn’s Pre Prep School, Rottingdean

‘Your beautiful story about the lovesick badger touched me and my 6-year-old son so deeply. I actually had tears in my eyes.’

Father in the FutureRoots eco-charity audience, Stanmer Park

‘You were wonderful! a big hit with the children at all ages, and with the teachers and parents too.’

Annie Noble, Headteacher, Firle School

‘Your book’s Kipling for the 21st century.’

Waterstones, Lewes

‘Magical. Come back very very soon.’

Lindsey Macreadie, Yr 2 teacher, Whitehawk Primary

‘Just – marvellous.’

Judy Guy, Early Years Learning Support unit, Eastbourne


Melissa Perkins, Head of Public Programmes, Charleston

‘Very much enjoyed her storytelling. particularly impressed by Nickhola-Susanne’s use of language to create images, and really found myself caring about and rooting for the characters. This would work well in any classroom.’

Corinne Crawford, Deputy Head, Hellingly Primary

‘I love your book. it is full of hope and enchantment and reads like poetry.’

Louise Levitanski, clinical psychologist, Paris