Other Books

Some of my other books, under the name Nikki Bradford

The Well Woman's Self-Help Directory

Sidgwick & Jackson 1990

The Independent

‘Everything – and I do mean everything – from A-Z is covered.’

Daily Mail

‘A must for every woman.’

Men's Health Matters

Vermilion/ Random House 1995

Sky TV

‘Everything you ever wanted to ask about men’s health, but daren’t’ Sky TV

Radio 5 Live

‘Every man should read this. So should the women in his life’

The Hamlyn Encyclopaedia of Complementary Health

Hamlyn 1996, 2000, contrib ed.


‘Visually stunning, and very comprehensive’

Pain Relief in Childbirth

with Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain, President of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists; HarperCollins 1995

Royal College of Midwives

‘Acurate, sympathetic, comprehensive’

Sheila Kitzinger, birthing pioneer

‘This one has a prominent place of my bookshelf’

The Good Housekeeping's Complete Book of Parenting

contributed. Ebury 1996, 2000

Mother & Baby

‘All households should have a copy’

What They Don't Tell You About Being A mother & looking after babies

with Jean Williams; HarperCollins 1997


‘Nikki Bradford has done it again!’

natural painkillers

Orion, l999

Good Housekeeping

‘Want to know the natural options? Check this one out’

the miraculous world of your unborn baby

Bramley Books l998, Contemporary Books 2000

Here’s Health

‘I was totally absorbed’



Your Premature Baby 0-5 Years

with Tommy’s Campaign; Frances Lincoln, 2000, 2006

Our Baby


British Journal of Midwifery

‘Sympathetic, authoratitive, a great resource’

childbirth doesn't have to hurt

Vega 2002

Here’s Health

‘Beautifully and sensitively written’

The Independent


Natural fertility: how to maximise your chances of conception

Hamlyn 2002

Our Baby

‘Informative, encouraging and gentle’

Heal yourself with flowers and other essences

Quadrille 2005, 2008

Daily Telegraph

‘Eye-opening, as even some hospitals use these now? and beautiful’


Pen Press, 2006

Written under the name of Nikki VanBergen

A cautionary tale of Unfinished Business: Zoe’s ex blows back into her life 20 years after he’d walked out. BASTARD!

The Daily Mail’s YOU

"The beach-must book of the year…"

Self Publishing

‘Lurid and unfeasible’

What’s On in London

‘Highly entertaining’

The Big Issue

‘A real page-turner’

Fix your life! 500 holistic solutions for everyday problems

Hodder-Mobius 2007

Daily Mail Bookshop


Southern Counties Radio

‘This woman’s a fantastic advert for her own equally fantastic book’

fix your life! 1500 holistic fixes for everyday problems

Hodder-Mobius 2008, 2009

Mail on Sunday

‘Indispensible x2’


‘Read this, feel inspired!’