Storytelling Art

Nothing is ever too old or too broken to make something beautiful with! I use 100 per cent recycled materials to create 3D mixed-media pictures as aids for Storytelling & Art workshops in schools.

They’re made from vintage scraps of lace, velvet and feathers; frayed pages from poetry books, old letters, battered photos, bits of machinery, broken jewellery, metal fragments (including spent bullets and clockwork parts) and smashed mirrors presented on reused canvasses.

As a member of the Royal Society of Arts, I’ve had the enormous fun of initiating community art schemes for several local schools. Projects have ranged from statement pieces using recycled materials for the Hotel du Vin with the 6th Form at Brighton College  – Sunday Times School of the Decade – to a big collage for the General Hospital with Brighton’s Whitehawk Primary.


Julian Caddy, CEO of Brighton Fringe Festival

The Starchild

The Wolfling Princess

A Beloved Life

The Dormouse Who Dared


How The Starling Got Her Stars

The Bella The Barn Owl

Original photograph used as part of the 3D collages for The Starchild, The Wolfling Princess are by Nienke Van Wijk. Model Jessie La Brooy.